ANSON design is a brand of thinking services to solve the space service providers. Specializes in the design of commercial office, retail shops, exhibition halls and restaurants and other projects to create a visual impact of the environment. Our motivation comes from the constant pursuit of fresh ideas and extraordinary design solutions. Like a concept laboratory in general, we will be creative energy and professional implementation of the program together. Strategic thinking, passionate design and a high degree of realization is the tradition we have been adhering to.


We think strategically, design passionately, and plan reliably.


    ANSON provides a range of comprehensive design and consultancy services that ensures every concept is followed to perfection. From the very first brief to finishing touches, we make sure every step of

    监督管理 // 确保在整体项目实施的过程中没有好的创意被遗漏或半途夭折,我们提供项目由始至终的专业监理服务。 我们认为好的设计理念需要自始至终的贯彻以达成最终的良好结果,这也是我们在每个项目中始终坚信全方位的设计监理的作用的原因。


    A deep understanding of client and user needs enables us to turn a good idea into the right idea. We provide extensive analysis of a project to determine its concept, positioning, content, and feasibi

    战略性的咨询 // 在了解我们顾客的需求的同时也了解我们终端用户的需求,将确保一个优质的想法最终成为一个合适正确的想法。因此,我们为项目提供从概念、定位、内容以及可行性等方面的综合性分析。


    With a perfect balance of Eastern and Western mindsets, we have a strong ability to look at a single issue from multiple standpoints. This means when it comes to content and design, our ideas and solu

    内容及设计 // 我们各具天赋的专业团队来自不同的文化背景。在完美的东西方思维观念的绝佳平衡中,我们有很强的能力可以将单一的事物从更多的角度及观点去加以看待分析。这意味着当内容与设计互相结合时,我们的概念和解决方案总是最具有全面性和独到的理念。


    To make sure no apples are dropped along the way, we provide all supervision needed. For the best results a concept needs to be followed through from start to finish, which is why we believe in thorou

    监督管理 // 确保在整体项目实施的过程中没有好的创意被遗漏或半途夭折,我们提供项目由始至终的专业监理服务。 我们认为好的设计理念需要自始至终的贯彻以达成最终的良好结果,这也是我们在每个项目中始终坚信全方位的设计监理的作用的原因。


Our story, as embodied in our name,ANSON design provides not only the design of the ideological system or concept, but a full range of design consulting services, ranging from brand consulting, conceptual design, to deepening design , As well as professional implementation of the program and on-site supervision and so on. And because of our content as the core of the starting point, dedicated service attitude and reliable professional background by the customer's unanimous praise. From the understanding of the needs of customers, to the outline of the first sketch, until the final realization, we always firmly believe that should be one step ahead of thinking, while providing customers with the best comprehensive comprehensive services. Our studio is composed of a dedicated team, each specific project design strategy through aesthetics, culture and social environment and other aspects of thinking, combined with its brand information or related content. Different cultural backgrounds and professional skills make it possible for us to present a profound insight, a refreshing perspective and a unique solution.

company culture 

Anson more than 10 years focused on innovative brand of thinking services

Anson gathered a group of brand designers with an international design perspective

Anson collaborates with professional research firms to understand the minds of consumers accurately

Anson's unique strategic thinking and tools bring a new creative space experience 


我们的故事 // 如我们的名称所体现的,安森设计提供的不仅仅是设计的思想体系或概念,而是一整套全方位的设计咨询服务,范围涵盖从品牌咨询、概念设计,到深化设计,以及专业的实施方案和现场监理等内容。并因为我们以内容为核心的出发点,尽心尽责的服务态度和可靠的专业背景而受到客户的一致赞扬。从了解客户的需求,到第一笔草图的勾勒,直至最终的实现,我们始终坚信应该保持领先一步的思考,同时为客户提供值得信赖的最佳的全面综合性服务。 我们的工作室由一个专业化的团队组成,每个具体项目的设计策略都经过美学、文化以及社会环境等方面的思考,并结合其品牌信息或相关展示内容。不同的文化背景和专业技能使我们经常能够提出具有深刻见解,令人耳目一新的视角以及独特的解决方案。


Anson 10余年专注创新品牌化思维服务

Anson 聚集一群具有国际化设计视野的品牌设计师

Anson 联手专业的调研公司精准地了解消费者心智

Anson 独特的策略思维与工具带来全新的创意空间体验

1Creativity is just connecting things. When you ask creative people how they did something, they feel a little guilty because they didn’t really do it, they just saw something. It seemed obvious to them after a while. That’s because they were able to connect experiences they’ve had and synthesize new things. And the reason they were able to do that was that they’ve had more experiences or they have thought more about their experiences than other people. Unfortunately, that’s too rare a commodity. A lot of people in our industry haven’t had very diverse experiences. So they don’t have enough dots to connect, and they end up with very linear solutions without a broad perspective on the problem. The broader one’s understanding of the human experience, the better design we will have.