Date 2021/11/28


Some Stories Happening Between Yeation and XU Studio.We met in the winter of the New Year 2019; looking back now, it seemed to indicate that was sure to be a meeting making people feel warm and comforting.In March, we visited Harbin together and had a deeper understanding of the brand after spending an afternoon on the Central Avenue of the city.


Yeation’s Spirit,Keep the good life within reach.To become a national brand that provides Chinese consumers with quality life, returns values to goods, helps the manufacturing industry understand new consumer requirements, and releases the value of the supply chain.


To be Integrated, innovative, and user-oriented,To make users live a better life while spending less money and less time.Some voices about XU Studio.To improve the life around us by virtue of quality design, which, in our opinion, is an important reason for both parties to come together quickly.

We bring consumers with better experiences by serving brands. We also listen to feedback from consumers and brands to update and create new and more special experiences. To make the commercial consumption model be humanized, quality and chic.

那些真实发生的严选空间中的景象, 树在光下,人在影中。这是一处被模拟的场景,希望人们能被庇护,去接近,去依靠。

Scenes that actually happened in the space of Yeation.Trees and the man under the shadow of light.The simulated scene expresses that people can approach, rely on and be protected by “trees”.

严选太古汇店HKRI Taikoo Hui Store of Yeation 

As the first offline Plus customized shop of Yeation, the HKRI Taikoo Hui Store has gained much attention from its concept to implementation. More than the first offline store in Shanghai, it will also become the place bringing together Yeation’s IP products and hot new releases in the future. The HKRI Taikoo Hui Store of Yeation is sure to enjoy a promising future thanks to its unique location and special positioning.


Abandoning the conventional quantitative retail display, the designer hopes that customers strolling here, when looking up, can throw themselves into “life”, “tree shadows” and “changes of seasons”, and further gain a glimpse of the ideal life of their own. It is the quality life that is spreading here.


The “leaves of ginkgo trees” with Shanghai feelings have been transformed into a “breathing tree”, and around it are four personalized display areas under themes of “Food, Home Supplies , Personal Care, and Travel” respectively. What hides in the rhythm of light and shadow of trees is the pulse of the city, as well as Yeation’s sincerity to carefully listen to the real demands of customers.


The wooden white tone, which is a symbol of the brand spirit (Simple, Free, and Comfortable) is inherited. Here, all you need is to enjoy various goods in the “Forest of Yeation”, without having to worry about any other things. Because the Plus customized store has made the shopping experience to the best, where the boundaries of online and offline transactions are removed, and big data platforms are used to enable users to access convenient services featuring “offline consumption and online after-sales”, thus creating  retail experiences without barriers or difference.




严选正大店Super Brand Mall Store of Yeation 


Since people have used wood to build houses since ancient times and we live, play, and grow under big trees, we have special emotions towards “trees” and “wood”.



In addition to the delicacy and simplicity of HKRI Taikoo Hui Store, you will find a different kind of comfort and affinity in the Super Brand Mall Store of Yeation. After organizing the basic display, how to create spaces by making use of the local height differences within the site is of paramount consideration for designers. The combination of simulated sunlight and shapes and branches of tress tries to bring people back to the most natural environment, that is, the desire for sunlight, the dependence on trees, and the love for home.



Various home scenes are unfolded under the “big tree” in the central area, and for all displayed items including beddings, chairs, sofas, or kitchen products, you can lie down, sit down, and try them out. You can also take a rest on the bean bag chairs under the big tree.



In addition to the central “big tree” area, there are three product display areas in abstract shapes of “twigs” scattered around it. Strolling in the store surrounded by a wide range of beautiful commodities, you can slow down, try out things as you like and enjoy shopping!




严选杭州Hangzhou store of Yeation



Yeation uses “tiles” and “trees” to build a place allowing everyone to come and stay in the crowded Tiyuchang Road in the old urban district of Hangzhou.



We chose to open the store and turn on all lights in a winter afternoon to offer those who hurried home at night a warm beacon. The hundreds of “tiles” attached to the door naturally form “eaves” above everyone’s heads in daylight, keeping you away from wind and rain. These forms that change over time form the first interface of Yeation to say “hello” to the communities.



The designer uses five “big trees” to support the interior scene, and everything is included in the forest. In addition to the high-quality and carefully selected products as always, there is also a heart-warming theme-products section in the store-Products for Poverty Alleviation As a window displaying social events, it does not only have impact on the surrounding communities, but also shows caring for a wide range of socially disadvantaged groups.


On the left side of the space is the community concept kitchen section where experience comes first, and purchasing is based on feelings of consumers after in-depth usage of products. At the same time, the space is shaped into a kitchen island, aiming to get closer to everyone’s daily life and improve the shopping experience.




Some methods
Materials and lighting are the most important foundations for space creation.The warm and white color temperature of 3500K provides a pleasant indoor light environment for wood-based sales areas.

The arc-shaped binding of wood-grain bricks, large-grain terrazzo bricks and gray bricks on the floor, combined with the ceiling shapes, keeps changing in different scenes that are easy or full of fun, including indoors or outdoors. Both adults and children can find their passion here.

The designer tried to combine consumption, experience and products by using the store space with the “tree” as the center. Products are consumed and appreciated by users, and the such experience conveys the cultural value and lifestyle upheld by the brand, thus creating a variety of moving scenes in the store.