Kelsey Soronen is a high-end clothing brand owned by Saen International (UK) Limited. It has a large number of first-line designers in Milan, London, Copenhagen and other major fashion birthplaces. For all independent and free pursuit of fashion and quality taste female design, unique style, full of design sense and full of fashion breath and vitality, create a touching natural temperament.

Product positioning is fashion, personality, sexy and luxury. Kelsey Soronen emphasizes the theme of the series and the matching of single products. Simple and smooth lines, will be very personalized fashion elements cleverly integrated into the design concept of the brand. The high-end fashion's manual sewing technology combined with the unique three-dimensional cutting, exquisite and unique details, creates a confident, perfect and sexy image of the era of women, showing the natural nobility and elegance in the excellence.


KELSEY SORONEN是萨恩国际(英国)有限公司 SAEN INTERNATIONAL (UK) LIMITED旗下高端服装品牌,拥有众多米兰,伦敦和哥本哈根等主要时尚发源地的一线设计师。为所有独立自由追求时尚和品质的品味女性设计,风格与众不同,富有设计感并充满时尚气息和生机,造就动人心弦的天然气质。

产品定位是时尚、个性、性感、奢华,KELSEY SORONEN强调系列的主题性和单品的配搭性。简洁流畅的线条,将极富个性的时尚元素巧妙地融合进品牌的设计理念里。高级时装的手工缝制工艺结合独特的立体式裁剪,精致而别出心裁的细节处理,塑造出自信、完美而性感的时代女性形象,卓越中透出自然的高贵和优雅。