Understand the self appreciation and love, know the real self in the heart, do not deliberately become the focus, but the light is constantly shining.

Obertitz advocates the concept of "transformation" of women. Coruscate, know your new self, pamper yourself, reward yourself, pursue your dream, and constantly surpass yourself. We are dedicated to providing independent, confident, successful and intelligent women with personalized and fashionable boutique clothing. What we deliver is an elegant and exquisite attitude towards life, which makes women live irreplaceable.

Optimizer is a high-end women's clothing brand owned by Shenzhen Oberti Fashion Co., Ltd. Fashion design style: simple, light and extravagant. European imported fabrics, three-dimensional cutting, superb workmanship, is dedicated, professional for the success of the gold women's private brand Huanzhuang. The private customized series can be tailored as a gold woman to create a dress suitable for her body, personal temperament and taste, so that you can show your unique charm and beautiful demeanor in various occasions

The brand of obertizihuan mainly focuses on VIP membership. The club store takes "home" as the design concept, and is committed to providing exclusive family style fashion coruscation for noble, independent, elegant and intelligent modern golden women over 35 years old. Books, manicures, coffee, fruits and flowers and other high-quality intimate services are warm and elegant. In a spacious and comfortable environment, whether shopping or leisure, the family of oberticis can offer you the most noble life experience and become your life confidant.

Light luxury dress series: suitable for all kinds of fashion show, Party reception, annual meeting, etc;

Simple business series: suitable for going to work, attending all kinds of important meetings, lectures, hosts, etc;

Fashion and leisure series: suitable for shopping or travel, family and friends parties, etc.


    欧柏帝姿倡导女性"蜕变"的焕装理念。焕装,认识新的自己,去宠爱自己,去犒劳自己,去追求自己的梦想,不断的超越自己。我们专为独立、 自信、成功、智慧的女性提供个性、时尚的精品服饰,我们传递的是一种高雅,精致的生活态度,让女人活得无可替代。

    Optize(欧柏帝姿)是深圳市欧柏帝姿时装有限公司旗下所属的高端女装品牌。时装 设计风格:简约,轻奢。欧洲进口面料,塑身立体裁剪,做工技术精湛,是专心、专业 为成功金质女打造的私属焕装品牌。私属定制系列可量身为金质女性打造适合自己身段 、符合个人气质和和品位的着装,让您在各种场合都能展示自己独特魅力和靓丽风采.

    欧柏帝姿焕装品牌主打VIP会员制,会所店以“家”为设计理念,致力于为高贵、 独立、优雅、智慧的心理年龄在35岁以上的现代金质女提供专属家庭式时尚焕装,书籍 、美甲、咖啡、水果鲜花等优质贴心服务温情雅致。在宽敞舒适的环境里,无论是购物 或者休闲,欧柏帝姿的家人们都能为您奉上最尊贵的生活体验,成为您的人生知己。